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Founded in 2012, Wyatt Orr is the brainchild of Seattle based designers Liise Wyatt and Karly Orr. Born out of their shared love for true "comfort luxury", the line focuses on the use of quality fabrics, layering, and textural minimalism to create everyday keepsakes for the working creative.

The designers draw inspiration for color and texture from their natural surroundings; climates and environments in the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Their contemporary urban aesthetic is clean and compelling, a marriage of the understated and the unexpected, subtle contrast and classic construction. Observers have characterized the line as intelligent and thoughtful.

Liise and Karly are equally fueled by their shared passion for design and the creative process. They are creative thinkers; problem solvers with years of combined experience in visual arts, textiles, fashion, marketing and design. They offer a unique, fresh and real perspective on design and construction, and are continually inspired by how their individual aesthetics intermix and transform into all things Wyatt Orr.